Easter Sunday Pirate Fun Day

27 March 2016 -
12:00 to 16:00

Shiver me timbers! This Easter Sunday we are hosting an action packed Pirate Fun Day with events throughout the day for swashbuckling families to enjoy - novice pirates will be recruited! Aye, it be true! Come and meet  our 18th Century Pirates and learn some top shipboard skills which will qualify you as a REAL pirate!

 18th Century Pirate training includes:

  • Pirate cutlass fighting lessons for children!
  • Pirate school for children – dress up as pirates, learn about their lives, and enjoy have a go activities.
  • Meet jolly and rather drunken C18th pirates, and listen to their songs.
  • Pirate tales and song.
  • Combat Displays will also take place.
  • Splicing Demonstrations

 Dockside Rope and Cord Waining

 A fascinating demonstration of period rope will have member of the public entertained for hours.  Using traditional techniques our rope maker will make various rope using his period rope machine.

 Naval Cartographer

 Linking with trade and exploration discover about the use of mathematics in navigation and how British Empire began to take shape during the period.  Using traditional instruments used by sailors discover about charting the oceans and coastlines, inventions and exploration of the continents.

 Pirate Cannon Game - A Pirate Cannon Game will be undertaken for children throughout the day.

 Treasure Hunt- This will be held at 1pm and 3pm on Easter Sunday, a search around the gardens for ‘hidden treasure’ with Scone Palace Pirates.