Ardblair Stones 'Destiny Day'

20 June 2021 - 11:00 to 17:00

Are you the strongest of your family clan,  do you think you have the strength and technic to lift the Ardblair Stones?

The Ardblair Stones are nine reinforced concrete spheres ranging in weight from 18 – 152kg (40 – 335lbs).  The Stones must be lifted sequentially from lightest to heaviest onto whisky butts.  The event is judged on time and the number of stones lifted.

Trophies are available for the top three men and the top three women …

Participation is free and open to all; however, Gardens Admission will be required for entry to Scone Palace.

Further details on the stones can be found

Garden’s Admission Tickets for Scone Palace can be purchased at