Primary school pupils sow the seeds for Scone Palace kitchens and next Halloween event

9 June 2017

Primary school pupils from the Royal School of Dunkeld this week sowed the seeds for Scone Palace’s kitchens and its next Halloween event.

The Primary 5 pupils visited the Palace on Wednesday June 7th as part of a trip to learn about its kitchen gardens and food provenance.

Scone Palace’s head chef Steven Gilroy and head gardener Brian Cunningham shared their knowledge, including the Palace’s field-to-table food philosophy, with the pupils, who then sowed some vegetable seeds and planted the first of more than 700 pumpkins.

Scone Palace is planting a pumpkin patch as part of its second Spirits of Scone event, which will be extended this year from three to five nights, beginning on October 26th and running to October 31st 2017.

Brian Cunningham said: “We are excited about our second Spirits of Scone event, which this year is extended to five nights in October in the run-up to Halloween. It’s a real treat for us and the pupils from the Royal School of Dunkeld to have them learn about the event and the pumpkin patch. I think it’s also enlightening for the children to know how food gets from field to table, as happens here at the Palace’s café and restaurant.”