Scone Palace celebrates first signs of spring with Scottish Snowdrop Festival

30 January 2019

Scone Palace, one of Scotland’s favourite visitor attractions, is showcasing its spectacular display of snowdrops as part of the annual Scottish Snowdrop Festival.

Often celebrated as one of the first signs that Spring is on its way, the Snowdrop Festival is a chance for Scone Palace and its talented gardening team to celebrate the emergence of the delicate flowers and invite visitors to take a stroll around the gardens. A Celebration of Snowdrops is taking place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am – 4.00pm from February 1 – March 10, 2019, with free entry for all visitors.

Over 60 venues across Scotland participate in the annual festival, when gardening enthusiasts get the chance to explore gardens and woodlands with an abundance of snowdrops.

Head Gardener and BBC Beechgrove Garden presenter Brian Cunningham is, along with his green-fingered team, looking forward to welcoming the public to enjoy the freshly bloomed little white flowers. Brian said:

“The snowdrop is a wonderfully resilient plant which is able to withstand unforgiving winter conditions and is instantly recognisable and spectacular at this time of year. With over 500 varieties that we know of, the one we are most used to seeing in our gardens is the common snowdrop. However, if you look closely there are a few other varieties growing around the grounds which have bred naturally in the wild.”

Once finished exploring the grounds, visitors can warm up in the Old Servants’ Hall Coffee Shop with a hot chocolate and a delicious ‘Scone @ Scone’. Visitors with dogs can also bring their canine companion in to the Palace for rest and refreshments in the pet-friendly Old Kitchen Coffee Shop.

Scone Palace’s Food Shop will also be open where visitors can browse an array of culinary produce, from the Palace’s tantalising range of preserves to delicious homemade shortbread.

Scone Palace grounds and gardens are open to the public with free entry from 10.00am-4.00pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the winter months.