Spirits of Scone returns to Scone Palace with bigger frights than ever

26 October 2018

Scone Palace kicked off seven nights of terrifying frights combined with some of Perthshire’s scariest folk tales as it launched its Spirits of Scone event on Thursday night.

The five-star visitor attraction has transformed its historic grounds into a Halloween Fright Fest which has more scares than ever before, and runs from now to October 31.  

Returning for its third year, visitor to the Spirits of Scone can expect a thrilling evening tour around the Palace grounds, which include the graveyard, and the maze of nightmares. There’s also a music festival campsite which has been invaded by zombies.

Organisers have warned visitors to ‘enter only if you dare’ where they will be met with truly frightening characters lurking in the grounds. Due to the fear factor, they have advised that the event is not suitable for young children or those of a nervous disposition.

Create Events, the events arm of Perth theatre group Ad-Lib Theatre Arts, is back for a third year to create the scare factor with the group employing 16 ‘jump scare’ actors as well as recruiting some volunteers from Perth College UHI’s Musical Theatre course. The group has promised an even more terrifying experience this year with a cannibal running wild in the woods as well as ghouls and monsters hiding in the maze.

If they’re still feeling brave, visitors can make their way to the haunted Old Kitchen for some ghostly storytelling around the Victorian range. (Warning: there will be stories of cannibals and witches, enough to keep you awake at night!) Storytelling tickets available to purchase on arrival, from the Food Shop.

Visitors can keep cosy and top up their spirit fuel at the Fright Night Café which is situated next to the Maze of Nightmares, which includes marshmallow toasting over Hell’s fire pit. The Palace Coffee Shop will also be open and serving warming drinks and snacks throughout the evening.

A selection of suitably scary Spirits of Scone souvenirs – including the dabbing skeleton and pumpkin T-shirts - available to purchase from Hell’s Halloween Shop which is located next to the box office.

Organisers are looking forward to welcoming visitors into the Palace and grounds once again for what is set to be their scariest Halloween event yet. Margo Baird, Marketing Manager, said:

“We are now in the third year of our Spirits of Scone Halloween event which has grown in popularity and size. People love to be scared at Halloween and the grounds here at Scone Palace make for the perfect atmospheric setting for a Fright Fest, with lots of dark corners and wooded areas for ghouls and ghost to hide in. Let’s not forget the Maze of Nightmares where you never know who or what might be lurking around the corner. You found your way but can you find your way out?  We hope our visitors will enjoy this event, we feel it offers the right combination of scares and fun for a great night out at the spookiest time of year.”

Tickets and more information available here.