Teams drawn for IMCF World Championships at Scone Palace

3 April 2018


The teams have been drawn for this year’s International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) World Championships, which will take place at Scone Palace from May 10 to May 13, 2018.


 The team placements for the tournament, which were drawn in front of local dignitaries last Saturday, are as follows:


Male longsword

Pool A - Austria, USA, Thailand, England, France

Pool B - Sweden, Luxembourg, Scotland, Spain, Italy.

Pool C - Denmark, Wales, New Zealand, Estonia, Lithuania

Pool D - Canada, South Africa, Norway, Mexico, China

Pool E - Poland, Australia, Argentina, German

Pool F - Chile, Ukraine, Belgium, Ireland


Male Polearm

Pool A - Sweden, England, Poland, Denmark

Pool B - France, Norway, Scotland, Austria

Pool C - Argentina, Portugal, south Africa, New Zealand

Pool D - Ukraine, Canada, Wales, Spain

Pool E - USA, Australia, Quebec

Pool F - Chile, German, Luxembourg


Male S&S

Pool A - England, Germany, Portugal, China, Norway

Pool B - Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Chile

Pool C - Ukraine, Canada, Quebec, Wales

Pool D - Spain, Argentina, Poland, Luxembourg

Pool E - Sweden, Ireland, Austria, South Africa

Pool F - France, Scotland, USA, New Zealand


Female Longsword

Pool A - South Africa, New Zealand, Poland, England

Pool B - Belgium, Austria, Mexico, Ukraine

Pool C - Ireland, Australia, USA, Sweden.

Pool D - Quebec, Italy, Canada


Female Polearm 

Pool A - Poland, USA, Denmark, South Africa 

Pool B - Canada, Ukraine, England, Quebec

Pool C - Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Germany


Female Sword & shield.

Pool A - Australia, Canada, France, USA

Pool B - Sweden, New Zealand, Ukraine, South Africa

Pool C - Finland, Mexico, Estonia, England

Pool D - Denmark, Germany, Italy

Pool E - Quebec, Ireland, Poland

Pool F - Belgium, Austria, Spain.



Pool A - south Africa, France, Quebec, Ukraine, Australia

Pool B - Finland, Argentina, USA, England



Pool A - Ukraine, Italy, France, Spain

Pool B - Ireland, Poland, South Africa, Scotland

Pool C - England, Austria, Sweden, Wales

Pool D - Norway, Germany, Argentina Denmark

Pool E - Quebec, Finland, USA, Australia

Pool F - Mexico, China, Luxembourg, Canada.



Pool A - France, Poland, Sweden, England

Pool B - Scotland, USA, Canada, Denmark

Pool C - Finland, Ukraine, Australia

Pool D - Mexico, Germany, Spain



 Pool A - Ukraine, USA, Poland

 Pool B - France, Australia, England


The IMCF World Championships will see competitors from all over the world travel to Scotland, the first time the event has taken place in the U.K. Teams will participate in full-contact medieval battles, duelling, team fights and archery during a four-day event in the Palace. 


At the team drawing on Saturday on the Palace grounds, Lord and Lady Mansfield of Scone Palace were joined by Deputy First Minister John Swinney and dignitaries from the City of Perth including the Provost Dennis Melloy, as well as representatives from IMCF worldwide.


William Murray, Viscount Stormont, the son of Lord and Lady Mansfield, who offered to host the 2018 World Championships at Scone Palace after meeting several American and Canadian fighters and the Vice-President of the IMCF while working in New York, was also in attendance to see the Draw take place.


The official IMCF draw was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube and included a Scottish Tribal Band, Heraldic Trumpeters, a Lone Piper and Regal Storytellers to entertain visitors.


At least 25,000 visitors are expected to descend on the popular visitor attraction for the IMCF World Championships which has 500 competitors and 500 officials from 31 countries worldwide, from the UK to as far afield as Australia, South Africa and Mexico.


Stephen Brannigan, Head of House Opening at Scone Palace, said:


“Full-contact medieval combat is a truly fascinating sport immersed in medieval history which fits beautifully with our rich past stretching many hundreds of years. It will be like stepping into another time and we hope many visitors of all ages will enjoy experiencing the IMCF World Championships, here at Scone Palace.”