Scone Palace has 1900 hectares of woodlands, comprising of 75% conifers and 25% broadleaves. The woodlands have a long history of commercial management dating back over 400 years. A previous Head Forester, Frank Scott, was one of the founding fathers of the Forestry Commission in 1919. 






Prior to this, Scone had been one of the great Forestry Training Estates, where young foresters learned the craft and often went to become Head Foresters on other estates later in life. Scone had an early pioneering involvement with conifers dating back to the first half of the 19th centuary, even before the Pinetum was established. This started in 1826 when David Douglas, the renowned botanist and explorer, sent back seeds for the fir tree that bears his name. The Pinetum originated with the planting of certain exotic coniferous trees in 1848, with some older trees and others added over the years.